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Why Our Boards Are Better

Why Our Boards Are Better

All boards are not created equal, but it can be hard to tell the difference between two boards when they are sitting on the showroom floor. Many of the differences fall into two major categories: design, and construction.

All Amundson boards are designed by John Amundson on the island of Oahu. They are exact molded production versions of the final winning prototype that John and his design team create after many other versions have been tried and discarded. Rather than simply scaling a good design larger or smaller, significant thought and testing goes into each board size. We want to make sure each board fits the target customer, and their paddling environment. A myriad of complex elements go into the design equation; not just length, width, and thickness, but a 3-dimentional blend of these factors along with subtle rockerlines and rail profiles. Only an experienced professional board shaper with thousands of boards to his credit can be relied upon to artfully blend these characteristics and reliably deliver winning designs. Most SUP brands are not supported by anywhere near this level of experience. The Amundson advantage means that you are on a board that is stable enough to be comfortable, yet still exciting and responsive under your feet. It glides through the water with little resistance, handles varying conditions without a second thought, and lets you focus on your paddling, not on your board.

Board construction can be even harder to fathom. Every brand claims to have it all. But there is an old saying in the board building business that still rings true today: Light, Cheap, Strong… pick two. We can offer a light, cheap board, but it won’t be very strong. Or a light, strong board, but it won’t be cheap. And there are cheap, strong boards out there too, but they are not light. Be suspicious of anyone claiming to have all 3. Rhino Lite™ technology is our most popular construction, and we feel it is the best combination of these 3 characteristics. It delivers a board that is strong enough to withstand the bumps and knocks of paddling and transport, and resists delamination. The weights are acceptable, and the price is within reason. It is the best value on the market, and this will become especially clear after several seasons of use. If you are looking for this same reliability, at a lighter weight, then look at one of our Bamboo/Carbon™ boards. But remember that according to our “pick two” formula, you will pay a little more for this technology. You can find more details about Amundson construction on our Technology page.

At Amundson SUP, we focus on the demands of our customers to deliver progressive shapes in top quality construction, at a fair price and nothing more. We don’t spend obscene sums of money on high-powered marketing. You might not find the latest blond haired wunder-kid from Fiji riding an Amundson on the cover SUP Action Mag and we don’t hire teams of Yoga athletes to hang around our trade show booth. We don’t pay for that kind of fluff, so neither do you. The choice is simple, and the choice is yours.

Before you purchase a new board, ask around. Go to your local dealer and see what they say. Amundson customers tend to be extremely loyal and outspoken about the brand, and with good reason. Try to demo before you buy. It’s the best way to understand the Amundson advantage and to know what works for you. Feel the difference an Amundson board can make.