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11’6” TR

The 11’6” TR is the smallest board in the TR series. It shares the same shape as the 11’6” TR-X, which is 29” wide with 203 liters of volume. TR boards are fast and stable shapes that excel in all paddling environments where effortless speed and a smooth ride is desired for touring or fitness. The sleek nose is slightly upturned with a rounded underwater shape that keeps the board riding high and dry above on-coming chop. The raised foredeck sheds water, and the recessed cockpit keeps your center of gravity low, while making for a comfortable standing area. The 11’6” TR is built in our Rhino-Lite™ technology, which is the best combination of weight, durability, and value on the market. It also features our large easy-carry handle and deck inserts for stowing a life-jacket or bag.

● Item: 58-6816051

● Dimensions: 11'6" x 29" x 5.7" 
(350,5 cm x 74 cm x 14,5 cm) 
203 liters, 27.5 lbs. (12,5 kg)

● Recommended paddler weight: 
170 lbs. Novice, 200 lbs. Advanced 

● Technology: Rhino-Lite™