Amundson Hawaii | Standup Paddleboards
CROSS 11’0”


14'0 TR-T

Longer boards are faster, so if you want to get the most out of your open water paddling, you should consider stepping up to a 14 foot board. For this category, Amundson SUP has two designs that address two different applications.

The 14’0” TR-T is for the biggest paddlers on the beach. Extra width and volume gives them a TR board that fits them properly, so they can enjoy extended paddling sessions without compromising any performance. At 29 ½ inches wide and 304 liters of volume, the dimensions and rocker-line have been adjusted to trim out properly with higher weights, so the target paddler can really feel the difference. Lighter weight paddlers will appreciate it too, once they load it up with touring bags or fishing gear.

● Item: 58-6817081

● Dimensions: 14'0" x 29.5" x 7.25"
(427 cm x 75 cm x 18 cm) 
304 liters, 33,5 lbs. (15,2 kg) 

● Recommended paddler weight: 
220 lbs. Novice, 300 lbs. Advanced 

● Technology: Rhino-Lite™